The NAACP Supports Legalization Of Marijuana In California
Posted 7/8/2010 7:17:00 AM
As the NAACP Convention comes to KC this weekend, this will most definitely be a hot topic. There is a lot of controversy over the NAACP endorsing, Proposition 19, which would legalize and tax Marijuana in California. A factor in the NAACP’s decision was a report entitled, “Targeting Blacks For Marijuana.” In the report it is stated:

Young blacks use marijuana at lower rates than young whites. Yet from 2004 through 2008, in every one of the 25 largest counties in California, blacks were arrested for marijuana possession at higher rates than white, typically at double, triple or even quadruple the rate of whites.

Criminal records for marijuana possession severely limit the life chances of the poor, the young and especially of young blacks and Latinos.

What are your thoughts of this?
Posted By: Brian B. Shynin  

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