Memphis Teens Didn’t Get the Memo: YOU AIN’T A KARDASHIAN!
Posted 9/14/2012 12:09:00 PM

Memphis teens have been engaging in sex parties. We have heard tales of what teens are up to now-a-days but what they call Team Taboo, is not just that but a  - brace yourself – a business plan. How so? Let me explain.

The parties provide every parents nightmare: the opportunity for young women to make public sex tapes and become famous the Kardashian way.  Which if you are not  already rich, of another social or economic background, it ain’t happening! Regular chics – you will not profit but deal with the aftermath of a naughty tape for the world to view. It may not surface until you are ready to start your professional life or maybe get married. It can derail you – truth be told.  Team Taboo also attempts to be a  business model that fuses social media, teenage nightlife – which would be okay. However, two things make it tragic. Between teen sex (Memphis has a high HIV rate I might add) , plus there’s  adult swingers involved, it’s nothing we want our kids to model.

A video invitation surfaced months ago that depicted young adults fornicating in a public club setting. The initial response was that the video invite was fake, or a byproduct of the ‘reality sex’ adult video industry. However, the video invitation was not fake, the sex party took place, and according to authorities, the ringleader was a registered sex offender, 43-year-old Charles Smith, who owned the building where the party was held.  (Sidebar: Can we castrate him?)

Memphis police crashed Team Taboo’s “Anything But Clothes Lingerie” party, and according to reports, officers found drugs, alcohol, and kids having sex. A few arrests were made, and the young party promoters apologized for the good time that apparently got out of hand.  This is the report from Memphis’ A Memphis party promoter is defending a wild Saturday night party that led to the arrest of 16 people, including a registered sex offender and six juveniles, at an illegal “lingerie party” with drugs, alcohol and minors openly engaging in sexual acts.“I apologize for everything that went on, I promise you when I threw the party I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen,” said Reggie “Armani” Adams.  Adams says the party was supposed to be an after-party following the Southwind High School basketball game.  Peep the video below.

Meanwhile, TeamTaboo’s Facebook popularity has soared. SMH. If only they knew the aftermath of what could happen.  Some things we know that can happen with teen sex include: pregnancy, STDs, HIV, uncurable STD’s (herpes for one), emotional distress, bad reputation, and then add video and social media? In  addition to suffering, a teen who sends out nude photos or videos  may also be charged by state and federal courts for creating and distributing child pornography. If the teen is found guilty of such a charge, she not only faces prison time, but would also have to register as a sex offender.   This is greater than teen sex. It’s making decisions that could hurt them later in life.  This may be a story in Memphis, but trends travel. Let’s make sure the kids in our lives here are making wiser choices. While some may think putting their business on tape can lead to attention, it won’t be the attention they want.

After all, they are not a Kardashian.

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