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Hey you! JT and I did the switch-a-roo today so here’s the scoop:

It’s hard to believe but Lil Wayne is celebrating his 30th birthday today. The MC was born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. back on September 27, 1982, signed to Cash Money Records when he was nine-years-old and joined Hot Boys with Juvenile, B.G. and Young Turk. Lil Wayne will release his new album “I Am Not a Human Being II on November 13th.”Lil Wayne is not only making rap history, he's making rock 'n roll history: the rapper has surpassed Elvis Presley as the male with the most entries on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Lil Wayne now has 109 songs on that chart with Thursday's debut of Game's song "Celebration," where he is a guest alongside Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa. Of his 109 charted songs, only 42 are led by Lil Wayne; 67 are songs where he is the featured act. Presley totaled 108 songs on the Hot 100 since it launched in 1958. Presley's career kicked off before that and several of his songs — like "Heartbreak Hotel" — could not be included in his total number.

Reality tea: First Idol now Nicki Minaj, according to insiders has been in talks with the E! Network to develop a new show based on her daily life in the spotlight. Both Nicki’s camp and E! are staying hush hush on the topic for now…The family that plays the sick but creative “Smelly My Breath” will be back. Yep, TLC has ordered more of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Lord, have mercy. During Wednesday’s season finale, Honey Boo Boo’s big sister, Chickadee, finally gave birth to her baby girl born with three thumbs. Although she seemed to enjoy her time in the spotlight, Mimi Faust, who was blasted for sticking with Stevie “Get On My Bus” J, called in this week to Street Disciplez Radio and admitted she did not enjoy “Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta”. “I didn’t enjoy the experience because it was a surprise to me. [...] It was terrible, it was absolutely awful,” she said. She also denied claims that she stood idly by with a man that openly cheated on her on national television. Okay Mimi. Love her but she makes me scratch my head. (I bet you come on back for another season! I) know who will - K. Michelle! K - who has been linked to NBA baller JR Smith and Olympic simmer Ryan Lochte admits she will return for another season, as because of the show she now sells out shows. But as for dating? She says “presently” she prefers dating white men. No word on who she is currently with.

Basketball wives: Just before they ran off to Vegas and got hitched in a secret wedding over the weekend, “Basketball Wives LA” Gloria Barnes shot a seductive shoot for the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine with her baller boo Matt Barnes. She’s a real basketball wife! YAY! (Sidebar: what happened with Imani Showalter?) Anyhoo, this interview had to be pre-wedding and pre-Evelyn head bunt. Gloria dished on marriage not being a priority (she changed her mind quick!), and if she still wanted to slap up Evelyn Lozada. I wonder if she feels different now…As for Crazy Jackie, she said, “She’ll give you so many compliments to the point that you’re like ‘okay!’ [extends arms] Give me a hug girl. She’s someone you have to accept, she’s like a beauty mark or a birthmark. It’s like ‘damn that sh— terrible, but it’s there. You work around it.” Wow. Glo has a way with words! Peep Evelyn doing her first photo shoot since the Chad-headbunt in the ATL.

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is speaking out again on Dywane Wade and the breakdown of their marriage in an interview with the Daily Mail Online. She has made claims of abuse, accusations he hits one of their their oldest son, claims she is struggling to pay her bills and gets no support from him, his money and influence is the reason he was granted full custody of their sons and the day he was drafted he changed. She says she’s not the crazy person she is made out to be and admits her falling into the fame. “I was seduced, too. I lost sight of some of my values. The further I got into that lifestyle, the further I got away from God. I just woke up sooner than he did.” Neither he nor his current boo Gabby Union have commented on her claims. But Gabby likes a younger man because it's easier...in fact she says: “My girlfriends and I are very independent,” said Union, 40. “We’ve been doing it WELL on our own for a long time, and sometimes that’s hard to give up a little power — to sort of acquiesce to another person and let somebody else lead sometimes — or all the time.“Men who are in our age range also have a lot of options, and maybe sometimes it’s easier to go younger with a lot less expectation,” she said.” Or could it be his nose is wiiiiddddeee open? Just sayin…she may have worked that older magic for good on that younger wipper-snapper!

In other athlete heat, Lakers Jordan Hill was arrested for choking his girlfriend Darlene Luna because she wouldn’t give him his cell phone. Good news for Hill who resigned with the Lakers this off season is after his plea deal he will receive no jail time and if he stays out of trouble for a year the arrest will be wiped clean from his record. You had your dirt on the cell obviously but dag…you choked her? SMH….

The three-year romance between Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy is over, according to sources. Mike – you let that go? Even I have to marvel at Nicole’s flat toned abs and bodacious bum after all them kids. DAGGGGG!!! But word is a couple of years ago, he caught her creeping and supposedly put a tracking device in her car. He was hot about that “No Panties” video she starred in, then also recently, he came across some suggestive text messages from another man. During the week, Strahan lives in New York while Nicole resides in LA. They have both accused each other of cheating, and Mike declared he needed a break. She is said to be heartbroken. If true, he’ll be back, girl. He gonna watch you walk away from behind and come on back.

So when pics of Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger appeared online, it seemed as though the two were caught making out. Chris is still supposedly linked with girlfriend Karruche; Nicole with racer Lewis Hamilton. Of course, even with photographic ‘evidence’, Nicole’s rep has gone into damage control mode and denies the two aren’t anything but “old friends” and were just talking over the loud music. Scherzinger’s reps say: “There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story … The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club.” The rep adds, “I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing. Even though the photos are very convincing, Brown’s rep insists there is nothing going on between him and the former Pussycat Doll. “They were not kissing,” his publicist tells HollyScoop. “They are friends, have been for years and were talking at a club that had loud music playing.” Glad both teams got the same same story but IT STILL LOOK SUSPECT TO ME! After the photos dropped, Rih Rih hit twitter and said, “I dont get bitter, I just get better”. Hmmm…

In other Chris Brown news, he was recently in court for a probation progress report hearing for assaulting ex-girlfriend and singer, Rihanna, back in 2009. Reports state he dropped dirty June 18th in Virginia, and Judge Patricia Schnegg has scheduled another hearing to determine if Brown has violated his terms of probation. A source close to Rihanna says she’lll go to court on November 1st and tell the judge Chris has accepted responsibility for his actions and has changed from that night. Well...that was before this Nicole-kiss mess. We'll see... She still sprung on him.

Rap mogul Damon Dash has filed a $5 million lawsuit against his former attorney. Bosses at Dash's firm "DD172," and "BluRoc Records," have launched a legal battle against Janis Shen over claims she botched a business deal with rapper Curren$y, who was supposed to record three albums with the label, but signed with Warner Music Group.

Despite the recent pregnancy rumors that were swirling, Jay-Z wants us to know that Beyoncé is definitely not pregnant…yet. The 42-year-old rapper shot down the rumor during the NBA 2K13 release party in New York City. When E! Online asked if baby Blue Ivy will soon have a sibling, Jay responded with: Tonight?” Jay-Z quipped. “No.” When asked, “What about in nine months?” “Not in nine months,” Jay said. “Absolutely not….not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months.” So now we know!

Model Jessica White does not have a baby with singer Ne-Yo, and wants the Twitterville to know it. Ne-Yo filmed a “Behind the Music” documentary for VH1, which aired Sunday, in which he revealed he took care of the baby of an ex-girlfriend, an aspiring singer also named Jessica White, until he suspected the child wasn’t his. After a paternity test confirmed the boy was fathered by someone else, the couple split up. Though the doc showed photos of the actual mom Jessica White, the Web erupted with false reports that model White, a face of Maybelline, had a baby with Ne-Yo. She took to Twitter to set the story straight: “News Flash . . . @neyocompound fans, stans, & groupies I’m not the jessica that he’s referring to so please stop tweeting me rudeness ;-)” She also said: “It saddens me that people are confusing me with Ne-Yo’s ex girlfriend just because we share the same name. But this Jessica did date him at one point. I have been in this industry for over 10 years and you would have known if I was pregnant and had a son.”

Stork report: Young songtress Tiffany Evans has given birth to a baby girl. The singer and her husband Lorenzo “Zoe” Henderson welcomed their healthy baby girl to the world on September 25.The “Promise Ring” singer surprised her fans when she revealed that she had been married for two years and was expecting her first child.

Speaking of chilin's Nia Long made her way to D.C. last week for the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Leadership Conference and spoke e to The Root at the Planned Parenthood CBCF luncheon about how she will be cracking down on her two sons about sex saying: "As soon as I think anything's going on, there will be a big sit-down and a box of condoms!" But she had some real words for certain women who use their kids as a means for money. Now she caught flack for having two children out of wedlock but is able to provide – well. Even without her man, Ime Udoka, but he is indeed co-parenting. She says, "I think women need to be responsible before making the choice [to become a parent] and do it for the right reasons. If you're going to have a baby to save a relationship, that doesn't work. If you're going to have a baby to collect a check from someone else, that's not the right thing. You have to be responsible and be able to stand on your own."

Snoop Dogg is defending pictures of his oldest son, Corde, lighting up. Guess who Corde is smoking out with? Yep. Snoop Lion. His father. What better way to [learn] than from the master?,” Snoop tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new cover story. “My kids can do whatever the h** they want,” he explains of his parenting philosophy. “For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical. A lot of m****rs don’t have a relationship with their kids, and that’s when they get on drugs and have suicidal thoughts and drive drunk. Me and my son is mellow. I’m his father, so I wanna show him the proper way because he looks up to me.” Wow. Really, Snoop?

Peep Wiz and his fiancee Amber Rose on the cover of the October/November issue of XXL. Amber says giving birth,” I’m going all-natural. I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine. I want those bragging rights!” You do that sis.

CBS has announced “We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute To Whitney Houston”, a one-hour special dedicated to Houston’s life, which will tape on Oct. 11 at Nokia Theater L.A. LIVE, and air on Nov. 16. While her godson Nick Gordon is shutting down rumors that he was arguing with girlfriend Bobbi Kristina moments before their recent car accident. He took to Twitter to set the record straight.

 That’s all til tomorrow. Be blessed and we’ll holla then!


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