Win or Lose: the Divided States of America
Posted 11/6/2012 11:18:00 AM

So today is the day.

And by tomorrow, we will know: does President Obama get another term or will we start from scratch under new leadership of Mitt Romney? No matter who you vote for one thing is certain:

Someone will lose.

But what does that mean for America? Many pundits and pollsters predict that President Barack Obama is poised to win re-election but what if he loses? How will women, Latino or black Americans react? Will the body of Christian believers be divided? Will mulch-cultural churches find themselves uncomfortable with one another? Does it mean those who were determined to make him a one-term president will parade the streets with arrogant joy? Or will some find maybe new leadership would work? Regardless of who wins or loses, we must be able to go forward in peace with one another and be determined to make our world better. Period.

Toure, host of “The Cycle” for MSNBC, says no matter who wins, America will walk away dazed. Peep the video below.

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As much as I hate the divisiveness politics causes; the religious rhetoric masking prejudice; the imperfections of both parties – voting matters. But at the end of the day, we still must put forth effort to pursue our dreams, fulfill personal goals and not fail ourselves. I know my life is not in the hand of a politician but God. Yes, certain leaders have my interest better in mind but my life is not cut off nor fulfilled because of politics. As Reverend William E. Flippin, Jr wrote for the Huffington Post: “There is nothing that can happen on Election Day that should shift your focus away from giving praise to the God who has created you, redeemed you and sustained you throughout the course of your life.”

Let the church and all the visitors say “Amen!”

Go out and vote today. #Election2012



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