Building Booty Without a Hazard to Your Health
Posted 1/7/2013 12:18:00 PM

Oh, us women and our bodies. We sometimes want what we don't have and can make bad decisions on achieving our ideal body.


Apryl Michelle Brown for instance was always teased about her flat butt. In November’s Essence, she tells how in 2004 she made a decision to get butt injections. However, homegirl didn’t go to a plastic surgeon, but instead she found an unlicensed person to inject industrial-grade silicone into her behind. Two years later, the silicone hardened and caused her to have an infection. The infections eventually got so bad, she had to have her limbs amputated.


And there are other stories about the quest for a Nicki Minaj, J Lo or video vixen behind. In fact, since 2002, authorities across the country have investigated more than a dozen deaths related to illegal buttocks injections. Then recently, in Memphis, video chic Pebblez Da Model, real name Natasha Stewart, was arrested along with another woman in connection to a homicide in Mississippi. Pebblez, who dons a 48-inch backside, was arrested on January 3rd for charged with illegally brokering a butt shot procedure that resulted in the death of an Atlanta woman.


It ain't that serious!


But nothing wrong with wanting to bulk up the donk, while keeping everything else tight and right. Heck, even Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta and her hubby Apollo have created the “Phine Body By Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Volume 1 (2012)”! You can cop it on Amazon.


While big booties tend to be a result of factors such as genetic, ethnicity or weight distribution, you can make the most of what you got with exercise! list some goodies to build that booty:



The squat is a powerful butt-builder, because it activates the gluteus maximus in a basic, compound exercise. You can squat with a barbell across your shoulders, dumbbells in your hands, or no weight at all. To do a squat, stand straight up with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Start the movement by pushing your hips back as you bend your knees. Arch your lower back as you squat, keeping your head and chest up. When your hip and knee joints are at around 45 degrees, stand back up. (Julee sidebar: with weights makes a difference!)



Constantly training your legs together can allow imbalances to develop. Step-ups allow you to maintain balance by training each glute separately. Start with a step or platform between 12- and 20-inches high. To get into the start position, place one foot on top of the step and the other flat on the floor. Without hopping or pushing off with the trailing leg, start the step-up by gradually shifting your weight to your front foot and stepping up until you are standing on the step. Return to the start position by lowering yourself in a smooth, controlled motion. You finish an entire set on one foot before switching, or switch feet on each repetition.


Straight Leg Deadlifts

Straight leg deadlifts are en effective exercise to build your glutes because they require a powerful hip extension. To execute a straight leg deadlift, stand straight up with a barbell or dumbbells in your hands. Bend forward at the hips as if you are bowing to someone. Keep your legs straight, but do not lock your knees. When your hip joint reaches about 90 degrees, stand back up.



Lunges target your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles. With feet slightly apart, stand tall and contract your abs. Take a large step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor, with your knee directly above your ankle. Hold for a moment and then return to starting position. Keep your torso upright throughout the movement. The larger your step as you lunge, the more the exercise focuses on your buttock muscles. As your strength improves, intensify the exercise by grasping a progressively heavier dumbbell in each hand as you perform the lunges.




Bridges intensely work your gluteus maximus muscle. Lie on your back on an exercise mat, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your buttocks until your body forms a straight line from your knees to your chest. Hold the position for 10 seconds before lowering down and then repeating. Maximize the lift in your buttocks by pressing your heels into the floor as you push upward with your hips. Increase the difficulty of the exercise by lifting one leg into the air as your bridge, the website recommends. Alternatively, place your feet on a bench or on an exercise ball instead of on the floor to further intensify the muscle-building effect of bridges.



Eat to Grow

Your glutes are just like any other muscle in that they need protein and calories to grow. To support your training, add calories to your diet by way of lean proteins such as chicken breasts, egg whites and tuna. Fuel your workouts with complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes.


Look, throw in a Stairmaster routine, get with a trainer or google ways to build your butt. But never risk your health to acquire something that can take your life. Even surgeries from a certified plastic surgeon while an option (and costly is not a decision to be made lightly. The best thing we can do? Accept ourselves as is and work with what we got.


And yes – with a little or a lot of junk in your trunk. Rock what you got, exercise and accessorize. That won’t harm your health.


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