Single, Black and Kid Free: Want the Same in a Mate?
Posted 1/17/2013 12:38:00 PM

I have a 38-year-old homie with dual degrees, a good job and is kids-free. Sounds like a rarity? I don’t mean the education and job but…the “no kids” part!


It is true the older you get  the more likely on the singles scene,  most  potential mates will have a kid – or more. Some resign to this issue and proceed with caution. But what about those who don’t have kids and prefer not to take on someone else’s? You may not meet this ideal mate everyday but what about online?


Research studies have shown that there are over 40 million Americans who currently use dating services and that 44% of the overall US population classifies themselves as single. A Pew study also found that nearly three out of four Internet users who are single and seeking a mate have used the Web to find love; and many are succeeding. Currently dating websites have given rise to one in five relationships and one in six marriages. According to 2009 data from the Census Bureau, 70.5 percent of black women between the ages of 25 and 29 have never been married so there is a market for the offering.


We were going to interview the creator of the site, , Brian Roberson today but could not connect. So here’s the scoop on the site:


The Staff of Black and no kids dating during a recent interview stated that the website was not created to alienate anyone but it was developed as a vehicle for Black singles looking for love. They also went on to say “Are we anti-kid? Not at all! However, there are a number of singles out there who want their potential mate to be child free. There are dating sites out there that cater to single parents, but what about the flipside? Black and no kids dating wants to make that a reality.”


Membership to Black and no Kids dating is free but members will have to pay (Gold Membership) to communicate with other singles on the site. Get the scoop by clicking here!




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