When Freedom Can Be a Good Valentine's Day Gift
Posted 2/5/2013 11:16:00 AM

A new US survey finds that on Valentine's Day, most men plan to shell out an average of $84.39 to romance their significant others. Women will spend an average of $48.13. CreditDonkey.com sites 65 percent men and women will take their date out to dinner, 38 percent will buy chocolates, and 37 percent will give flowers. Problem is, the gifts don't align with what people want, the survey suggests. Only 49 percent want to receive dinner, while 30 percent want chocolates and 20 percent want flowers. Another interesting fact? 8 percent plan to give gift cards, but 15 percent want to receive cards. Only 7 percent plan to offer electronics, but 20 percent want to receive electronics. CreditDonkey researchers also found that only slightly more than half (58 percent) of Americans plan to celebrate St. Valentine's Day at all this year.


While not everybody has a Valentine, I say it’s worse to have one you don’t want.


You may have heard the people tend to stay in bad relationships through December because they don't want to spend the holidays alone. Or at least, wait until after Valentine's Day to let it go. If you are one of those people, consider breaking up before Valentines Day. For Your Tango, Lois Tarter suggest drop-kicking that mate your don’t want before Valentine’s Day, and explains how to break-up properly. Why not prolong the inevitable? Here's some tips:


1. The gifts will not be what you expect. If you're hanging onto the relationship because you're expecting some kind of elaborate Valentines Day gift, rethink that. If you're not into the relationship any longer, chances are he/she isn't either, so don't expect lavish spending. When you're unhappy with someone, the best gift is having your freedom.


2. Don't waste your money. Gift giving is reciprocal, so don't waste your time or money buying something for someone you don't want to be with anymore anyway.


3. Avoid public displays of affection. Let's say you have your eye on someone at the office and he has given you the signals that he's interested as well. Your soon-to-be ex could send flowers to the office on Valentines Day, putting a damper on your potential new suitor.


4. No unwanted intimacy on Valentines Day. If you stay together, chances are you will go out to dinner on Valentines Day and the special evening will end getting…close. If you're not into them anymore, you're probably not into having any type of intimate/sexual activity so breaking up before will save you.


Ending a relationship is never easy and requires though and strength. It's going to leave a wound, but you'll eventually heal. How to break it off?


Make A Clean Break

OK, you've decided it's over. You want to start fresh and meet someone compatible. This is the real tough bit. Actually ending it. It's not going to be fun, but you have to be courageous.


Be Direct

If you want to end the relationship, tell them face to face. The only exception to this rule is if you suspect the person may become violent. But at least leave a phone message explaining yourself.


Don't be ambiguous.

Don’t try to soften the blow by not hurting their feelings. Don't disguise what you mean. Say it and mean it.


I have been heartbroken on Valentine’s Day. It didn’t feel good then but imagine my glory later to find out they weren’t what I needed anyway! Valentine’s Day is just a day; a relationship has longer consequences or results than a “day”. Don’t let this commercialized kinda pseudo holiday cause you to stay where you don’t want to be. You are hurting yourself and even if it hurts the other person, better now than to prolong the pain. They’ll heal…and so will you.



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