Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles, Couples On a Budget & More!
Posted 2/14/2013 11:41:00 AM

Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes went on a rant when one fan asked her if she had "something to say for all the ladies who are alone on Valentine’s Day. First thing she said? “Do not ever use these words 'ladies who are alone on Valentine’s Day' together in a sentence ever again. Ever. Again!" Okay Shonda! She says simply be happy with the people you love and who love you. And I agree. Though there are singles parties, events like “The Single Mingle” and activities you don’t need a boo for, what about couples who want to celebrate on a budget? And what about those with kids and no sitter? We’ll cover it all today.



For my singles some ideas include:


Singles events. Whether if it’s at church or the “Singles Mingle”, check out a place where couples don’t dwell.


Host a gathering for other single friends. This perfect for potluck, a night of games, movies and great conversation.


Give to others. Volunteering is a great way to give to others. Plus, you will walk away feeling fulfilled. And who knows – you may meet a future boo while working a good cause!


Pamper YOU! Shop, get a facial, take a bubble bath – whatever makes you appreciate you, just do it!



For couples who want to stay in or celebrate on a budget, “4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Budget” by Tiffany Aliche shares some tips:


Chateau la Me: Transform your room into the most romantic "restaurant" you've ever dined in. Use the tablecloth and set up a romantic picnic style dinner on the floor of a room in your home. Use the curtains to create a canopy by hanging them from the ceiling with the thumbtacks. Turn out the lights and light the tea candles.


The Love Stroll: Walk in love with your sweetie. Choose your favorite park or city streets in advance. (May be cold…I can always do the mall!)


Disconnect to Connect: Plan in advance to disconnect from the outside world. Play games, read to each other, , watch movies, have a heart-to-heart talk, and enjoy each other's company.


February 15th: Who says the day of love is February 14th? The day after Valentine's Day presents a unique opportunity to save on love - at a fraction of the cost.



Of course a night at home, watching movies, cuddling, candles, love coupons for later, and all that can work. But for those of us with kids and no sitter (raise your hands), here’s some tips:


Just wait. It speaks for itself. Especially if you turning the house into…another place. (wink)!


Celebrate with your children first. Include children in activities and events during the day. Give small homemade or store-bought cards and gifts. Share the love that you have with your mate/spouse with your whole family before venturing off as a couple.


Put the kids to bed early.. The key is for children to be in bed or otherwise occupied so that parents can have some much needed alone time as a couple on Valentine's Day.


Order take out. No one has to cook, but it can still feel like you’re having a special fancy meal.


I try to make my mate – and son – feel love and appreciated everyday. While today is a fun day to add a little something special to my routine, this day will come to an end in hours. The key is living a life of love 365 days a year. That’s what a relationship is all about.


And for all my singles- particularly women? Like Shonda Rhimes says you don’t cheering up on Valentine's Day because "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!" Maybe you’re a single parent even. You have love in your life with your child. While it’s not romantic love, remember self love and love from a child are vital and fulfilling- until Mr. or Mrs. Right comes. Smell the roses and enjoy life now. Single with or without kids. Male or female. You have life. Live it to the full!


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