Singles Awareness Day: Things to Do Before Getting a Boo Thang
Posted 2/15/2013 12:00:00 PM

Today is Singles Awareness Day. As a single, you may say, “I am aware that I’m single – don’t remind me!” While having a good committed relationship is a blessing, don’t be so displeased with singlehood that you don’t take time to smell the roses.

And there are some.

Being single means you have more freedom. It allows for more spontaneity and gives you the chance to make your own choices –without worry of how your mate is affected. This gives you time and ability to do things that could be harder in a relationship. Plus, if you accomplish tasks on your wish list, it just makes you all the more ready when that mate comes.

I know people of both genders who enjoy being single – while others are exasperated waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right. I find more women get anxious, often concerned about starting a family later in life and the fear of growing old single. But with more women starting families – or adding to them- after 35, romance later in life is not a death sentence! The key is to not be so wrapped up in finding a man you lose yourself. Take care of your personal business so when you connect with someone, you know you are a great catch –because you got your stuff together!

So what are some issues to get in order during singledom? Dasvisha Davis lists what you should handle while single in her piece “Things to Do While Single”:

From Madame Noire:


Our spirituality is probably one of the biggest challenges for some of us to depend on when we are lonely. I guess this is the perfect time to tell Him exactly all the things you want in life and exactly what you want in a man and leave it up to Him. No need to dwell on not having a man, he will come when it’s most fitting for your life.


This is one of the things you need to do to make yourself healthier. Not only will you look summer time fine but you will feel more confident and won’t be thinking about him all the time. Besides, there will be even more men checking you out and you will just love the attention. Most importantly, it will boost your energy, confidence and give you something to do.


If you are in school you won’t have time to think about a man with all them books and papers you should be writing. School keeps you busy all week long. The positive side to this is that you will be getting a degree– something that will give you more confidence.


If you are serious about what you do then you should be spending a majority of your time being the best at it. If you paint, invest in new supplies. If you’re interested in film, attend a film festival and follow the career of Shonda Rhimes. When focusing on honing your craft, you can never say you don’t have anything to do– you can always learn more.


Ladies, you should be so focused on entering a new career or getting a promotion at your current job, that you don’t have time for he loves me, he loves me not ramblings. Finding work you love makes life all the more worth wile because it will never feel like an obligation. Men can sometimes be intimidated by real hardworking women but no worries as long as you are happy. If I must speak on behalf of real men, I’m sure they would appreciate your work ethic.


This goes hand in hand with perfecting your craft, you should want to be rubbing elbows with people in your chosen profession. Networking is a good way to meet new people who can benefit you in so many different ways, and possibly even dating, although that shouldn’t be your reason for going.


Often we spend more time worrying about a man than actually achieving some of the things we want, like getting our own apartment or buying a new car. We don’t need a man to do these things for us and it feels good when we can do them for ourselves and know we’re not setting ourselves up to be dependent on a man.


Everyone always told me that before I get married or have kids, I should travel. I never really understood why because you can do that with a husband and kids too. However, it’s nothing like not having any responsibilities or worrying whether you should go because you are risking your relationship. Well since you don’t have to worry about a man anyway, you have no reason not to travel. Girls, get your passport!


Our home should be first and foremost, whether we live alone or with family. Make sure your home is nice and clean and the people inside are happy- that means you too!


As women, we struggle with health issues besides weight. So get everything checked out and stay on top of your physical, mental, and emotional health at all times. Instead of worrying about what’s going on with some random man, know what’s going on with you!

I applaud this sister for this list. Shoot, there are married folk who wish they would have taken this advice first!
When you have what you want all together, you are more likely to make the best choice when that potential boo comes your way. Be happy with you and the rest will follow. Enjoy your day and treat yourself….you deserve it!


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