Burned Out on Working Out?
Posted 2/28/2013 4:16:00 PM

The Grio reports First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday announced the launch of a program that will bring her “Let’s Move!” campaign to some 50,000 U.S. schools. “Let’s Move! Active Schools” is part of a broader White House initiative to enlist the help of schools and community members in the goal of getting kids to do a total of 60 minutes a day of physical activity before, during and after school. That initiative got a $70 million kick start with commitments from a number of organizations - the largest being Nike. Nike announced Thursday that it is committing $50 million to fund initiatives promoting physical fitness, including Let’s Move! Active Schools. I can only hope she brings it to Missouri and/or Kansas schools. It’d be nice to see this here in the era of kids who all but refuse to go outside.


Remember back in the day you enjoyed being out “until the street lights came on”? And a snow day meant no Xbox or TV! It was time to sled, shovel and snowball it. While kids are active who play sports, we know obesity is a major health concern for kids and adults alike.


For adults, we need keep moving , too. While it’s believed our metabolism slows with age, this is a misconception, since your metabolism is more directly related to your level of activity throughout your life, according to the Mayo Clinic. Don’t go hard on eating like you did in your teens, though! With hormones, busy schedules, life changes and more, the potential to gain weight is there. And if you don’t exercise, that not only affects your weight but even your heart health. In fact, Livestrong.com points out when you get older, you need to stay active to maintain muscle mass and keep your body fat levels low. This will help your BMR stay higher, which means your body burns more calories, and will help you feel like your metabolism is higher. However, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, you should also stay active and integrate weight and strength training because as you strengthen your body, you may prevent injuries, ease arthritis pain and even reduce cancer risk.


I love food but I am a person who loves to work out as well. But I have to admit: every now and then I get bored or just burned out. Is that you, too? Robbie Darby for Hello Beautiful wrote a piece, “4 Tips To Get Over Being Burned Out From Your Workout”. Peep the tips here:



More is not better. Where all my over achievers at? Stand up! Or…maybe sit down. In fitness more is not better. I am at the gym everyday (cause I work there), and am shocked when I see the same people, every single day, doing the same workouts, and sometimes even doubling up with two a days. Craziness! Your body is not impressed with your ability to spend two hours in the gym and shows you so by either burning out or shutting down…hello injuries.


So the key is to schedule recovery days. Your body absolutely needs ample time to rest, recover and repair. Think 24-48 hours (varies dependent on workout/post workout soreness). Once a muscle is torn down it has to have time to rebuild in order to yield the best results…and that is what you are working out for right…the results?


Gradually up your game. So you finally did all 60 seconds of push ups (off your knees) in bootcamp on Saturday. Nice. You are high off of your success. So then on Monday morning you decide to up your five pounders to twelves and by lunch you can barely type an email. Silly. The key is to increase your resistance, speed, duration etc. in 5% increments as your strength improves. Anything more can lead to more time spent on the bench and less time spent in the game. Remember, “slow and steady wins the race.”


Mix It Up. Speaking of staying in the game, also focus more on changing the game. All athletes (professional or recreational) know that the key to optimal performance is cross training. This means performing different exercises on different days that work different muscles. Working the same muscles over and over again can create muscular imbalances and lead to…come on take a wild guess: injures. So this week when you schedule your workouts, make sure you have a well balanced program that consists of cardio, strength training and flexibility training. P.S. Fitness is also way more fun when variety is invited to the party!


Leave Your Ego In the Locker Room. It’s not safe in these sweaty streets when your head is bigger than your muscles. If you are feeling “off your game,” dizzy, nauseous, light headed, exhausted etc. take the day off. These are all cues that your body needs a time out and pushing it past this point is not only unsafe, but reckless. Most people who have medical injuries in the gym experienced the warning signs, yet ignored them. Have the courage to push past the urge to always push…who cared if you have to sit out a sweat session or two sometimes.


My goal is to exercise and attempt to eat healthy ( except during PMS – sorry). But to me, exercise is not to “lose weight” or a “resolution”. It’s a lifestyle change - a decision to change your life and keep your body at its’ best. We have one body. Let’s learn to love it by taking care of it!


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