Person vs. Preference: Bigger Is Not Always Better
Posted 6/21/2013 12:00:00 PM

Okay so my dad is short. Like Musiq Soulchild short. Really. And while my mother used to tell my grandmother she'd never marry a short man, why after dating my father for 3 months they have been together for 48 years? And he made it clear; he didn't care how short he was as long as he was good looking! LOL! My dad's a hoot! But thing is, despite his shortness, he didn't have any shortcomings when it came to being my father.

A blue collar worker who paid my college tuition. A man who made sure my car was always taken care of. A husband who insisted his wife always have the new car and he'd take the old one. A man who made my friends fall out in laughter and like to stay around our house. So I am glad my mama gave the short guy a try – despite her digging tall men back in the day. Yes, women may have a preference, but preference may prohibit true love.

So why am I blogging on this? Two thirds of women say they prefer taller men to shorter ones, and more than 70% say they wouldn’t even date a guy who was less than six feet! In fact, height is the third most important quality in a man, according to a poll (after sense of humor and kindness). Most women feel the ideal man is between six feet and 6’6’’. Experts say both evolution and stereotypes can explain women’s attraction to taller men. Then, tall guys are viewed as more professionally and socially successful, as well as more fertile.

Can we say a collective "Child please!"

I see plenty of successful men around me who are short.  The attorney up the block. The police officer around the corner. The college professor I heard speak at an event who floored me. My previous preacher who is the bomb! And I could go on and on. (By the way, they are fertile as I can see from their loving families!) But peep some celebs who are less than six feet and still doing the thang:

T.I. – 5’9

Usher Raymond – 5’8

Ne-Yo – 5’8

Bow Wow – 5’7

Omarion – 5’6

D’Angelo – 5’6

Cee Lo Green – 5’6

Musiq Soulchild – 5’6

Lil Wayne – 5’5

Jermaine Dupri – 5’4

Prince — 5’2

Kevin Hart - 5'2

Yet when these men stand on their wallets, they are bigger than a lot of men six feet and over. But it's not about money or height. You can have a six foot sixer who mis-treats you or is not a good father to his kids. Then the brother who is shorter than you desire could be the one to treat you like a queen - not because he's short! Perhaps he has character traits and qualities that make him your ideal mate.

My son could be short, average or tall - we have a mixed up gene pool! But no matter what, I know he'll be the height God needs him to be to fulfill His purpose. I will show him what it means to be a protector and provider for his woman; his dad can teach him to be a man. I know no matter his size, he will be a catch! Just like the brother who may be 5'7 you keep overlooking. He could be the one who is short on size but big in character.

Preference doesn't mean he's the perfect mate. Think about it.

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