Fitness 411: No Matter the Size, What All Breasts Need
Posted 8/2/2013 12:15:00 PM

Seventy percent are down on their girls, according to research published in the International Journal of Sexual Health. Of course, most men had no complaints. Women have a love-hate relationship with their breasts.  Some trip because they’re too small.  Others groan about the pain from having melons, though enjoy their ample cleavage. And while breast implant surgery has decreased some, there is still a demand for the surgery.  We even saw Mimi Faust from “Love &Hip Hop: Atlanta” go under the knife to get a perky set after breastfeeding for three years. (Ouch. Eva had teeth.)

Despite how you feel about your breast you want to keep them healthy. Exercise is a way to do so.  In fact, exercise may lower a woman’s risk for breast cancer. One study revealed women who at minimum performed 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise five times a week for over 16 weeks, showed changes in their estrogen metabolism that could explain the anti-cancer benefits of working out. Between that and diet, you cut your breast cancer risk down.  But how else does exercise affect your breasts? In many ways depending on the bra you wear while working out.

Every active woman, regardless of her breast size, needs the right sports bra.  Whether you are an A, B or DD, sports bras not only offer better support and more comfort than a regular bra, they also help minimize movement.   Exercising in the wrong bra can lead to more than discomfort. Other issues include tension in the arms and shoulders, and even   restricted breathing can occur if the band is too tight. But peep this fact from Black Doctor:  since underlying chest muscles do not support breast tissue, exercising in anything other than a well-fitted sports bra can stretch the Cooper’s ligament, leading to greater sagging and even pain during exercise! Whether the girls are plum-sized, apples or watermelons, who needs that? 

But just don’t don any sports bra! Felicia Vance form Black gives tips on the right sports bra for you, your body and work out:

Traditional isn’t terrible. If you’re lying on your back at anytime, like in Pilates or general sit-ups, sports bras with a funky knot or braid in the straps won’t be comfortable. Those are better to save for running or spinning. Instead, go for traditional, vertical straps.


Eye up impact. Do you frequent low-intensity yoga classes, or high-intensity Cross-Fit classes? The intensity will make a difference. In Cross-Fit, you’re moving in so many different directions at such a high intensity that you’re going to want something that covers all grounds.


Thicken your strap. If racer back straps are too tight on you, look into a bra with thicker straps, especially if you have wide shoulders and/or a larger cup size. It’s more comfortable and flattering.


Adjustable Straps. You can loosen them when you do yoga and tighten during high-intensity workouts. Either way, straps are integral to creating a supportive environment for your boobs. With a good sports bra, you can reduce bounce by up to 74%.


Cups! It’s really important that your bra has cup sizing (as opposed to small, medium or large compression style), so there’s support for each breast, just like with an underwire bra. This is important for daily vanity reasons too: pressing the tissue down in a compression bra makes you look wider. To lift the breasts up and get them centered because it gives more torso length and creates a sense of balance.


Extra Support. Many of the best sports bras are like double bras with additional layers and side panels — these are great ways to get extra support for high-intensity exercises. If you’re doing cardio like jogging, step, horseback riding, and tennis — where your movements are back and forth and side to side — that’s when you’re really going to stretch and strain the tissue at the root near the breast wall without the proper bra.


Moisture-Wicking Fabric. When you work up a sweat from exercise, you can actually trap moisture under the breast that can cause a rash. Make sure your bra is made from a fabric that doesn’t incubate that moisture.


Test drive your bra. Try one on and jump around, or bend over, in the fitting room. This will give you a better idea of the coverage and support it’ll offer during my workout. But above all else, always go for a sports bra that’s comfortable. You want to be comfortable in your sports bra, and general clothing, so that you don’t have to think about it and can focus on the workout.

No, you may not have perfect breasts but take care of the girls you got while you pamper the rest of your body. A healthy body is a good body! You will be confident, feel sexier and embrace a healthier you.

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