Monday Motivator: How to Get Unstuck
Posted 11/18/2013 11:57:00 AM

So today is the 322nd Day of 2013. There are 43 left. When the journey of 2013 began, did you have a plan? Maybe you envisioned a new career, strides in your ministry, a dream deferred being pursued – the list can go on. But somewhere between January 1st and today, you may have had some setbacks and surprises. I know I did! When unexpected issues or less than desirable outcomes occur, it’s easy to feel stuck.  While our fear, laziness, procrastination or even everyday life can take the momentum out of moving toward your dream, the worse thing to do is stay stuck.  But from experience I know it can be difficult to be encouraged when you are on a treadmill: moving but going nowhere!

Success occurs because of our choices, commitment, and boldness to pursue that which we desire. So even if like me you feel stuck, there are some easy decisions to make today to go forward from this point on. But first, we must clarify are our feelings “truth” or simply an emotional reaction to a current situation?  You can feel “stuck” but maybe you aren’t. You may just need to assess the situation and see have you actually made strides. You may discover you have had some progress or you may find out you just don’t feel “stuck”, but it’s your reality. In her weekly letter, life coach and author Valorie Burton points out:

Feeling stuck and being stuck are not the same. Feelings are honest, but they are not necessarily the truth. I can feel like hitting the rude cashier, but that's not what I should do! Feelings come from thoughts - what you say to yourself about your dilemma. Change your thoughts and you change what you feel. Change what you feel and you change what you do.

Change what you do. Point well taken, but how to we start making decisions that will get us unglued to the same old routine and move us closer to reaching our full potential? Valorie weighs in with “4 Ways to Get Unstuck in Five Seconds”. The four ways are:

1. The person that you've been procrastinating about reaching out to - when you finish reading this, contact them immediately. Don't wait until later. Do it now - while your motivation is high.

 2. That thing you need to say, but can't seem to muster the courage? Remember this: All you need to do is open your mouth and say it - honestly and kindly. That's all that is standing between you and standing in truth.

  3.  Ask for help from someone who is a "mover." Sometimes we just need to get around somebody with vision, someone on the move. High energy is contagious.

  4.  Stop thinking about your problem and think about a solution. Ask, "What's the next easiest step that will move me towards what I want?"

So with that said, what can you and I do to move forward and when will we do it? We can’t let another year go by and be stuck at this same crossroad.  We can pray - but faith without works is dead. We can vent and talk – but what about putting those words into action? Or we can complain and remain. The choice is ours; the results will either reward us or cause regret.  Think about it and take action!

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