6 Reasons why men might not be approaching you
Posted 12/1/2011 9:29:00 AM

In case you haven’t noticed, men are fragile souls. Many times more
fragile than we are. If they think for any reason they are going to be
rejected, they are not climbing aboard that train. It’s going to take a
little work from you.

Here are 6 reasons why men might not be approaching you

1) You are surrounded by women.

When we ladies go out, we tend to travel in packs. This is fine and all
good fun, but when girls are in a group, men know that they're going to
evaluated as soon as they walk away. It's tough enough to walk up to one
girl, let alone a group. You must make sure to break away from the pack
every 40 minutes or so. Go to the restroom alone. Men have noticed you
they want to talk to you! They’re just not about to make a fool of
themselves in front of your entire girl gang.

2) You are surrounded by guys.

If you’re one of those women who hangs out with guys - you are likely
getting date-blocked. Guys have no way of knowing what your relationship
is with these men you are hanging out with. For all he knows, one of them
is your boyfriend, and the other one is your brother. There is no way
getting in that mess. It’s a toss-up whether a guy will approach you or
not. Some guys might ask, but some might just move on to someone who
more available.

3) You always look busy.

In the age of Blackberries, tiny laptops, and iPods, we’ve gotten to
point where you never have to be idle in public. However, a man is not
going to approach you if you are furiously texting on your Blackberry or
buried in a book. For all he knows, you are making plans to see your man
tonight or studying for a test you have tomorrow. I’m not saying that
always have to sit there and do nothing, but try to be less consumed with
technology and more present and involved in your surroundings when out in
public. You may catch a man looking at you, and there’s your chance to
smile ever so slightly and give him permission to approach you. Everyday
we have dozens of opportunities to engage with other people rather than
our phones. Riding the bus, waiting in line, and elevators are all
potential places a guy could strike up a conversation with you—if he
just catch your eye!

4)   Your appearance / U have a Ring

Aside from body language, other elements of your appearance can affect
approachable you look. Dressing in clothing in light/bright colors with
textures that look soft to the touch will make you stand out more in a
crowd and look more approachable.
Keep your ring finger bare. Unmarried women wear all sorts of rings, but
if your favorite ring looks like a wedding ring, this might deter men
approaching you.

5) Your body language

If you are sitting, make sure you are facing outward with your body
people. If you are only turned toward your friend then your body is
saying, “we are in a closed conversation.” With both of you facing to
room, it says, “we are nice and friendly, come talk to us.”

6) Downer Demeanor

If he strikes up a conversation with you, keep it light and
fun with it. Keep sarcasm to a minimum. What seems okay to you, may not
for him. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humor, it just
he doesn’t know you well enough to know when you’re joking. This
If you are interested, let him know. I said that he has to ask you out,
but giving him a nudge by sharing that you have really enjoyed talking to
him and would love to again is just smart. Not desperate. Smart.

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