Some businesses want a year-long curfew after another teen fight ensued on the Plaza. The mayor is not sold on it but agrees there’s not enough for teens to do. But the city can’t afford programs year round. What do you think?

   A year-round curfew will help curb teens getting into trouble    15.3%  
   The city needs to find money - where can the community get it?!    4.2%  
   Parents need to find ways their kids can have safe fun or stay busy    4.2%  
   Bad behavior is why there’s a lack of activities for teens    11.1%  
   My kids are invovled in positive activities - they do exist!    5.6%  
   Parents need to parent - the Plaza or other businesses are not babysitting services!    59.7%  
UPDATED:  4/23/2014 9:40:50 PM
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