With more young adults between 18 and 31 living with their parents, there's a debate on if they should pay rent. What do you think?

   Anyone at home over 21 needs to pay up!    21.2%  
   No rent if they're seeking an advanced degree    7.6%  
   I wouldn't charge them rent but expect them to help with somethin'!    31.8%  
   Depends on the circumstance - is it temporary, can't find a job, etc.    25.8%  
   Not for a full-time student - under 25, though!    9.1%  
   Ain't no grown kids living with me - rent or not!    1.5%  
   I am fine with my kids living with me rent free    3.0%  
UPDATED:  4/19/2014 12:04:19 PM
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