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To be 30, single and black…and a woman. The older women get, the more our single status is considered a spinster curse by those on the outside looking in. People automatically begin making assumptions about our lives and conjure up their own guesses as to why we’re single. Some are sympathetic, others simply nosy to know why we haven’t tied the knot or why we’ve been un-hitched for so long. Single black women are misunderstood by most and misconceptions run prevalent out of spectators’ mouths. Here are just a few of those ludicrous misconceptions. - See more at: This is a link to July 31, 2014 ‐ By Erica Renee


For fans who haven’t been too excited about the plans Lifetime is reportedly making for its upcoming Aaliyah biopic, those associated with a different film about the singer’s life are sure their version of the movie will please. For one thing, the feature film, expected to hit theaters in late 2015, will include favorite tracks recorded by Aaliyah before her death. In addition, there will be some never-before-released music, too. “We’re in a position where we can do the feature film and we can do the music,” said a source close to production. Singer B.Simone (pictured) has signed on to portray the “One in a Million” artist. Terrence Howard and Wood Harris were named as possible co-stars for the big-screen film, whose script will be written by author Zane. Most importantly, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, is working on the project. Though the TV movie is expected to air later this year, those connected to the feature film don’t think that will decrease the public’s interest in the larger production. “I think if we do our due-diligence, people will watch the TV movie and still say, ‘I need to see the feature film,’” the source said. Jul 30, 2014 By Tracy Scott