Jahead 2: Field of Fire

Scarred by the war, Corporal Chris Merrimette is given command of a unit and assigned a mission to resupply a remote outpost. The unit composes of Cpl Danny Kettner, Lance Corporal Danielle 'Danni' Allen, Private Rafael Soto, Private Justin Li and Private Khalid Hassan abu Faisal, a Afghan National Army personnel helping the unit to go through the route.

While on mission, the unit is flagged down by a Navy SEAL Special Operations Senior Chief Fox and enlisted to aid in his operation to extract Anoosh 'package' from the Taliban strong-hold of Helmand River Valley. Annosh is being searched by the Taliban for defying the Sharia Rule by awakening the people against the tyranny of the latter.

As the team advances, they are pinned by the insurgents causing Soto to get nervous. Li is killed while trying to save panicked Soto, who is shocked but Chief Fox persuade him to continue. On another day, the team is again ambushed by Taliban snipers and Chief Fox with Merrimette kill them hand-to-hand. Shortly after that, more insurgents arrive and Chief Fox is killed who before dying asks Merrimette to take Annosh to local Police Captain in Minar,Helmand River Valley.

The remaining team reach Minar and meet up the Police Captain. But the suspicious cameraman informs the insurgents. The fighting occurs in which the Soto and policemen are killed and Annosh is taken away after the Marines are pinned by RPG. Merrimette vows to take back Annosh but Kettner becomes skeptical about the 'package'. Khalid then persuade the team on the inspiration and hope by Annosh, even sacrificing her own sister.

The team arrives at the insurgent fortress and kill most of the guards and the leader trying to punish Anoosh. But more insurgents arrive, forcing Kettner and Khalid to cover up Merrimette, Anoosh and Danni to safely return to the base. Kettner and Khalid are killed in action.

In the base, Annosh thanks Merrimette for his help. Anoosh then leaves for the UNHCR conference where she will deliver her speech on education rights in Afghanistan.

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