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Rev Lennox Yearwood Jr., CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, is also the leader of its' Respect My Vote campaign. Listen in as he talks about the purpose of Respect My Vote for young people, ex-offenders and how the hip-hop community is needed to impact future issues. Plus, there's a nice surprise if you make the pledge to vote. (Photo credit:


The Central Library isthe only site in Missouri to be hosting the nearly 400 year old Shakespeare’s First Folio. But how is his work connected to today's hip hop? Find out at this free event, with KU professor Nicole Hodges Persely. (Photo credit:


If you love reading books from Kimberla Lawson Roby’s Reverend Curtis Black series, her newest book will not disappoint.


In “A Sinful Calling”, the story centers on Rev. Black’s secret son, Dillon Whitfield Black, and his thriving congregation.  And who from the Black family is on his team? None other than  his sister Alicia. We know where’s there’s the outcast son and the conniving sister, there’s sure to be drama. But this time, there’s a twist you’d never expect. Listen in as Kim and I discuss “A Sinful Calling”, in stores this Tuesday. 


From homeless teenager to struggling singer to R&B queen Miki Howard's journey is explored in Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story. This is the first original made-for-television movie from the Unsung franchise. Listen as Darius McCrary, who stars as Gerald Levert, dishes on the film, airing Sunday on TV One at 8pm. (Photo credit: TV One)


May and June is Graduation season and a time when many start a resume frenzy to cop that job.


Stop it; the resume is what gets you the interview.


But in order to have the opportunity to sell yourself, your resume must work on your behalf.  Dr. Tracey Wilen is the author of Employed for Life, 21st Century Career Trends and talks to new job seekers on resume failures, what to do when you don’t have work experience and more.