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LIVE Star Interview with T.I.

T.I. is an American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur from Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia. T.I. embarked on his music career alongside his longtime friends and fellow rappers in the Southern hip hop group Pimp Squad Click (P$C). He is the founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of Grand Hustle Records, which he launched in 2003.In 2009, Billboard ranked him as the 27th Artist of the 2000s decade. Read more...

The "Nicole-Halle Syndrome: Can Beauty Keep Him Faithful?

Faithfulness hardly comes from physical attraction. When a woman is only good to be showcased, men begin to look out for the important things. Read more...

Fitness Friday

So I have been on this meal plan and must admit it is not for the faint at heart. It’s not the food part but the planning. I literally am planning meals around the clock!  But when you are trying to have healthy lifestyle changes, it takes work and scheduling.  In fact, what if I told you your fitness goals can be reached from the moment you get up until bedtime simply by what you do each hour? Read more...

College Girl 411

Running Press and Seventeen have partnered to give recent high school grads a crash course in college life with the release of "Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know to Walk Onto Campus and Own It!" The book takes my bound-for-college gals through every step of the transition from high school into college, providing them with the tools they need to start college life feeling confident and carefree. With tricks for maximizing space in a tiny dorm room, roommate do’s and don’ts, tips on landing a scholarship, dating and more is in this hot read! Listen in as I talk about the book, some budget tips, "preying" upperclassmen and more with author and Bethany Heitman, Executive Editor of Seventeen.