The Soapbox with Paul Nyakatura Dear, Power 105 Producer: "Not cool, bro."


Dear, Power 105 Producer: "Not cool, bro."

This week, 50 Cent sent a thinly-veiled public-shaming to boxer Floyd Mayweather via an assumed ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge". In the Instagram post (watch below), the rapper calls out the boxer's reading skills by challenging him to post a video of himself reading a page of a Harry Potter, after which 50 said he'd donate $75k to the charity of Floyd's choice.

TBH, it was all pretty funny. That was until, at the behest of Power 105.1's shock jock Charlemagne Tha God, a producer employed at the station dug up an old unedited audio clip of the boxer recording vocals for a short, :10-15 commercial called a 'drop'. Before they air the clip (which can only be described as cringe-worthy) you can hear Charlamagne's Breakfast Club co-stars Angela Yee & DJ Envy protest the ensuing debasement, with Yee noting that it's "not nice" and Envy adding "disrespectful".

Here's the whole thing:

I get it. Media these days has strong roots in sensationalism. Charlemagne said it himself at 4:13, "I got a show to do...I got tickets to sell, too, baby!".

My problem in this particular instance isn't with 50 or Charlemagne; frankly, it's kinda refreshing to watch the rich ***holes of the celebrity world keep each other in check.

My problem is with the producer who dug up the audio. I'm a producer. The production skills I learned in my previous (and first ever) job in radio were paramount to my gaining employment here at Carter Broadcast Group. I'm very proud of what I do.

Being successful as a radio producer means gaining client trust. You do this by not doing untrustworthy things like taking the raw, mistake-ridden audio that a client recorded in confidence and using it for any other purpose than it was intended. At the top of this list is using outtakes to publicly shame a person for their lack of reading prowess.

I said earlier that I enjoyed watching celebs police themselves, but this reminded me of the countless embarrassments suffered when we were forced to read aloud in class. I always felt bad for the weaker readers in class. Then I remembered how most bullies were terrible readers and popcorn reading was thier comeuppance; and given his profession and recent comments about T.I.'s wife, Tiny, it's safe to say Floyd's a bully.

At any rate, Charlemagne's "Donkey of the Week" segment should prove entertaining this week. Catch Weekends with The Breakfast Club every Sunday night @ 7 on Hot 103 Jamz.

50's IG post:

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