The Morning Grind With Shay & Shyne FULL SHOW 03.13.19

– Chiefs making more moves by trading Pro Bowl linebacker Dee Ford to the 49ers
– ‘The Shade’: Raz B announces he’s leaving ‘The Millennium Tour’, then backtracks, Catholic Diocese demands apology from SNL’s Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian to cover inmate’s rent, opens up about psoriasis, Famous actresses, CEOs among those accused in admissions scam to prestigious colleges, MTV Spring Break returns to Cancun with Lil Baby & The City Girls
– ‘Why You Mad Tho?’
– $50 million Mega Millions ticket sold in Missouri
– If you could choose between eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, your house cleans itself, your kids eat everything you serve them without complaint, or someone runs all of your errands, which would you choose?
– Police: Shoplifting suspect drank 6-pack of beer in Target dressing room
– Wellness Wednesdays with Dr. RJ