Morning Grind

Wake up to the Morning Grind with Shay Moore and Brian B. Shynin’, Kansas City’s best and funniest morning show!  The Morning Grind serves you the most music, celebrity interviews and trending local and national topics to keep you entertained and informed while you’re getting ready for or rolling to school or work.

Set your radio, mobile app or home speaker devices, Monday – Friday, to daily features like, “Hot Topics” at 6:53am and 7:12am, “The Shade” at 6:23am, 7:23am and 8:23am, “Why U Mad Tho?” at 6:38am and 8:38am and play “That’s My Jam” at 8:15am.

Do you have a crazy story about your ex?  Do not miss “Flex on your Ex”, Tuesday at 8:08am.

Need legal advice?  “Stacey Shaw, knows the law”, Tuesday at 7:38am.

Search for a life coach?  Do not miss Dr. RJ, Wednesday at 9:20am.

The Morning Grind keeps you informed with traffic and weather updates every 15 minutes and local news at 6:14am, 7:14am and 8:14am.