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  • Power Season 4 kicked off!

    I know a lot of attention is being paid towards the BET Awards today but last night for me was all about the season premiere of Power! A lot of people wanted to know if Ghost was gonna get out of jail, was Angela really in her feelings over Ghost, and what happened with Kanan and Ghost's son after the kidnapping?? we got a glimpse of what's to come in the new season with last night's show. Check out more on the recap below: Read More
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  • TV Heat: BET Awards Recap & Drama

    Plus a peek at tonight's turn up on BBWLA

    Get the rundown on last night's BET awards and some BBWLA tea. Read More
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  • JL interview 6/23/17

    S/O to KC's own JL who stopped by The Playmaker Show to talk about his debut album on Strange Music titled DIBKIS which will be out next Friday! Check out what he had to say about the album and make sure you listen all winning weekend long to win you a copy of the album! Read More
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  • Hot Read: New Release from Best Selling Author Kim Roby

    Sin of a Woman - another book from the Rev. Curtis Black Series.

    Kimberla Lawson Roby is back with another book from the Rev. Curtis Black series, “Sin of a Woman”. We discuss the book and why the Curtis Black series may soon be over. Read More
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  • Jay-Z wants changes for movies and tv shows

    Jay-Z has been making some moves recently when it comes to movies and tv shows and now he's voicing his opinion in a new column he penned for the Hollywood Reporter. He wants changes to movies and tv shows to lead for change and keep our children safe. Read more about it here: Read More
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  • RIP Prodigy from Mobb Deep

    Today I read the sad news that Prodigy from Mobb Deep was found dead at the age of 42. Anybody that knows me knows that I'm a Mobb Deep fan so today is a sad day for hip-hop. I was hooked as a fan the first time I saw their video for Shook Ones. Not only was it something different from other videos that I saw at the time, the lyrics were straight hardcore and to the point. I'm sure I would've been a fan of them regardless because of their affiliation with Nas being from Queensbridge, but I remember when I wanted a Hennessey jersey and bandana because P was rocking one. I also used to and still to this day will say dunn to my homies or what not because of Mobb Deep's influence. A lot of people thought he was a joke after the Jay-Z/Mobb Deep beef but Prodigy still was a hip-hop legend to me. I'm thinking of his song "You Can Never Feel My Pain" as we type this because of his long battle with sickle cell so I hope that he isn't in pain anymore and that God will bless his life and his family who is going thru it right now. Read more about his passing and what hip-hop is saying about Prodigy: Read More
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  • HISTORY TODAY: The Kansas City Sun front page, June 20, 1904

    Step back 113 years-

    There was another black community newspaper—first published in 1908, The Kansas City Sun soon became one of the most prominent and influential African-American newspapers in the midwest. The Sun was purchased by Nelson C. Crews in 1911 and he used the paper to promote his activities in the African-American community. According to the Library of Congress, via State Historical Society of Missouri: Read More