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  • It's Like That 08/01/14

    Did Karruche Dump Chris...and Did He Break the Code? Jay-Z Wants to Work It Out...Did D-Wade Renege on Lebron's Wedding Invite and more! Read More
    Its Like That
  • School's In Session

    How Esteem Impacts Success

    I want nothing more than for my son to excel academically.  Sports and music are great  - but secondary. Chances of “going pro” are limited, while an education can take the limits off not just my child, but yours as well.  Academic excellence can lead to higher education opportunities and even  better career possibilities. Though the job terrain can be rocky, an education lasts a lifetime and is invaluable. It’s good to know this is a belief I share with  First Lady Michelle Obama!  She certainly believes all our children should excel in school. Recently she told Essence magazine the following: Read More
    Julee Jonez Zone
  • Acting A Fool Part 2

    All Star Comedy Jam

    Interview with Corey Holcomb 8/1/14 Corey Holcomb is an American stand-up comedian, radio host, and actor. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Holcomb got his start in comedy with the help of another Chicago-area comedian, Godfrey. Read More
    The Morning Jam
  • Acting A Fool Part 1

    KPRS All-Star Comedy Jam

    Interview with Mike Epps 8/1/14 Mike Epps is an American stand-up comedian, actor, film producer, writer and rapper. He is best known for playing Day-Day Jones in Next Friday and the sequel-to-the-sequel, Friday After Next, and also appearing in The Hangover, as "Black Doug". Read More
    The Morning Jam
  • Did You Know?

    Did You Know These Six Celebrities Have Buried A Child?

    Dr. Dre’s 20-year-old son Andre Young, Jr. died of an overdose in 2008. His mom found him unresponsive the next morning after a night out with friends. George Benson suffered much tragedy during his lifetime. He has buried three sons. Read More

    The Morning Jam
  • Was She A GOLD Digger....or Is He Bitter?

    Antoine Walker Recalls How Evelyn Lozada Left Him After He Went Broke

    *Antoine Walker is taking steps to make sure no one repeats the same mistakes he did made. Read More
    The Morning Jam
  • Maybe You Can Relate

    Single And Misunderstood: Annoying Misconceptions People Have About Single Women

    To be 30, single and black…and a woman. The older women get, the more our single status is considered a spinster curse by those on the outside looking in. Read More

    The Morning Jam