Brian B. Shynin

Name: Brian B. Shynin’

Air Shift: The Night Jam, Friday Night Mixtape, Underground Heat and various weekend slots

Hometown: 816 – Kansas City, Missouri

Favorite Artists/Performers: I love rappers like T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, Tech N9ne and Biggie. When I listen to R&B its Jodeci, New Edition, Usher, Bobby Brown and R. Kelly. When I want to take it back I listen The Gap Band, The Whispers, S.O.S Band, ConFunkShun, and Cameo. And lastly, I can’t forget about the Legendary Michael Jackson.

Favorite Album/CD: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne, T.I. – Urban Legend, Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel, The Dream – Love/Hate, Usher – Raymond v. Raymond, R. Kelly – 12 Play, Tech N9ne – EverReady: The Religion, The Weeknd – Kiss Land, Kanye West – Graduation, Jay-Z – The Black Album, The Notorious B.I.G – Ready To Die, New Edition – NE Heartbreak, New Edition – Home Again, All 3 Jodeci albums, Day 26 – Forever In A Day, Intro – Intro, Mary J Blige – What’s The 411, Dr. Dre – The Chronic, Drake – Take Care, Drake – Nothing Was The Same, Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 2, Rick Ross – Teflon Don, T.I. – Trouble Man, Young Jeezy – TM 103

Favorite Hobbies: watching my CHIEFS, winning at Madden (PS3, PS4), collecting and researching music, DJing, remixing songs, and lastly, studying radio and music.

Favorite Sports Team(s): I love my Kansas City CHIEFS and Kansas City ROYALS and of course those LA LAKERS.

Favorite Quote: “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Favorite Foods: I love crispy French Fries, Cabbage, Chicken cooked however you give it to me; fried, baked, smoked or however. And food I can tear up without silverware like Rotel and BBQ.

Favorite Things About Kansas City: I love the beauty of our city, the people are the most down to earth and humble. Kansas City people have a “by any means necessary, I will survive and persevere” attitude. I love that!

Favorite Movies: I love the classics like Coming to America, Boomerang, Harlem Nights, A Low Down Dirty Shame along with all three of The Godfather movies. I can take a trip through history with movies like Malcolm X, American Gangster and Bowling for Columbine.

Favorite TV Shows: I’m a sucker for reality TV with shows like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I still like to watch my classic shows like A Different World which is totally 80’s, Martin and The Wayans Brothers. And I will watch anything that comes on the NFL Network.

What Community Causes That Are Close To You? I want to empower the inner-city high school students because I was once one of them. I know their struggles of growing up in the inner city and not having some of the opportunities that other school districts, resources and being looked at as the underdog all of the time. So I try to do what I can do to help give hope to those students who think that there isn’t a way out.

How Did You Choose Your DJ Name? It was actually chosen with the help of Tony G, he helped my come up with it. Brian B., because that’s my real name and Shynin’, cause I feel like that describes who I am literally and figuratively. I want my personality on the air to bring a ray of sunshine to our audience. I’m always optimistic and positive.

How Did You Get Into Radio? In high school I always talked with my father on what direction I wanted to dive in going into college. We sat down and talked all the time, and he knew I was always into music and sports broadcasting… so we came up with Mass Media. I was so into it in high school that at Northeast my Junior year, we created a broadcasting club and we would create a video of news topics around the school that would be shown in every classroom once a week, it was called Northeast 411, that club eventually turned into an actual Broadcasting class my senior year of high school. Going into college I knew I had to make a choice on either sports broadcasting or music broadcasting. I learned quickly that music would be my forte’ because I got bored sitting down and talking about sports for four hours (on our campus radio station at Northwest Missouri St. KZLX X-106), I couldn’t do it. Music is much more natural to talk about with me, in all genres. So I applied for an internship at Carter Broadcast Group in 2006 and by the grace of God I got in and worked really hard for the next year. While still in college, my boss Mr. Myron Fears blessed me with an opportunity on June 13th, 2007 to become apart of the CBG family and they’ve been stuck with me every since!