Kanye Talks Obama, Trump and ‘Deprogramming’ People

Via Pulse of Radio:

Rapper Kanye West spent the past couple of days tweeting and some of his tweets caused a backlash as he tweeted his support of Candace Owens, a conservative commentator who has publicly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. His tweets even caught the attention of conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars who tweeted, “@Kanyewest I admire your bold moves against the thought police. And if you want to see these control-freak vampires really go crazy, please join me on my broadcast.”

Hot 97FM’s Ebro Darden was able to get West on the phone and he shared that his goal is to ultimately deprogram people. West also shared that he felt that no one checked for him while he was dealing with his opioid addiction.

(Photo credit: Hot 97/YouTube)

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