Kareem Hunt reaction to being cut by Chiefs

I think people are still shocked about the video that came out Friday afternoon concerning former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt and a female back in February in which showed Hunt shoving and then kicking the female. The NFL reacted by putting him on the commissioner’s exempt list which prevents him from playing until an investigation is completed. Moments later the Chiefs released a statement saying they released Hunt. Wow. That was my first reaction. Not the fact that Hunt was released. It was because of how fast they released Hunt. Yes that is a positive if you’re an organization that doesn’t tolerate abuse of any kind towards women or if you’re a fan that doesn’t tolerate it. However, we can’t pretend this isn’t the same organization that wrapped its arms around wide receiver Tyreek Hill after the situation he was involved in with his kids mother back when he was at Oklahoma State and wanted us to embrace that as well. It has been said that the Chiefs cut him because he lied about the extend of what happened in February, but why wasn’t the Chiefs or the NFL able to get the video? And furthermore, why didn’t the police do more in their investigation on Hunt? Look, I’m not one of those people who feel like Hunt should never play in the NFL again. I would never say people shouldn’t get a second chance in life. But something had to happen in this case, and at least the Chiefs did something and made a decision. Check out more on this story here:



Courtesy of ESPN