Topeka K. Sam, Director of Dignity for Incarcerated Women, Talks about the First Step Act

Leaders of #cut50 are responsible for working on the criminal justice reform bill that just passed.  #cut50 is a national initiative to reduce the prison population while making our communities safer. Former Obama administration official and CNN commentator Van Jones is President & Co-Founder of #cut50 but the group is also comprised of individuals who have been directly impacted by the justice system and want to create change.

One those people is Topeka K. Sam, the Director of Dignity for Incarcerated Women.

Topeka has first-hand knowledge of how criminalization and incarceration of women impacts not only them but their families, communities, and the nation. Serving federal time, she witnessed the disparity of incarceration– especially for women of color.

Listen in as we talk about her experience and what does the First Step Act really mean for criminal justice reform.