PSA Criteria

The CBG Community Relations Department is the way KPRS and KPRT helps bring awareness to the efforts of Not-For-Profit and community-based organizations locally and abroad.

Please read the following information carefully in order to be considered for public service coverage. All requests must be received in writing at least one month (30 days) in advance of the proposed coverage date. We understand your request is of high priority, however due to the volume of requests we must adhere to the defined criteria. All public services are based on availability.

Criteria Is Defined Below:

For consideration you must be one of the following:
* A 501c3 not-for-profit organization and are able to provide documentation.
* A educational, government or city agency.
* In an emergency, crisis situation.
* Event must be free and open to the public.
(If your event is a fundraiser, we must receive a letter documenting what the charity will recieve, and a follow up letter from the charity when they receive the donation.)

Where Do I Start?
Please read the types of services listed below. Fax a letter of request to KPRS/KPRT Community Relations Dept. at 816-966-1055; defining the type of public service coverage you would like KPRS and/or KPRT to assist you with (at least one month in advance of the date that you would like public service coverage to begin; with exception to emergency/crisis situations.)
Provide information including: who, what, when, where and why, also include contact info (telephone number, website, e-mail address, etc.) that listeners may use to obtain more details for your event.

What You May Receive Based On Availability:
PSA’s (Public Service Announcements)
PSA’s are 15 second liners with information about your upcoming event read live on-air by the DJ or 30 second pre-recorded spots produced by a member of KPRS/KPRT programming staff.
live on-air interview with a KPRS/KPRT DJ (3 to 5 minutes in length)
KPRS/KPRT DJ or Staff Member to make an appearance to speak or sign autographs. Time limit one hour.

Event Sponsorship

Please submit a sponsorship packet/proposal specifically defining KPRS/KPRT’s involvement as a radio media sponsor for your charitable/fundraising event. As a Radio Media sponsor KPRS/KPRT must be allowed signage at the event as well as logo(s) on all printed programs, flyers, ads, TV promos, etc. Provide all details of your event including approximate number of attendees; for donation drives and fundraisers please provide the anticipated dollar amount to be raised and/or number of items to be collected in order to reach your goal. Following the event, we will need a re-cap on organization letterhead detailing the attendance, amounts raised, etc.